Friday, June 23, 2006

Power Shift

Are you interested in doing something significant for the global climate problem? Ask your power utility to switch your energy supplier to a green energy provider. Visit Green-e to find out what your regional electric choices are.

“Most electricity in New York comes from power plants that use coal, gas, nuclear energy and large hydropower. This kind of traditional electricity production takes a severe toll on our environment. In fact, electricity production is the leading cause of industrial air pollution in the United States. By choosing power produced from renewable resources, you will be taking a step towards a cleaner environment.”


“According to the World Watch Institute in Washington, DC, electricity generation worldwide produces more pollution than any other single activity. In the US, electric power generation accounts for more than a third of the carbon dioxide emitted.”

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If you’re one of my neighbors, I’ve already done all of the research for you. We have the ability now through the Energy Choice program to purchase 100% clean energy. See below for Green Energy Options for Central Hudson Customers

If you can’t purchase clean energy in your region, look into Tradable Renewable Certificates, also known as Renewable Energy Certificates

These companies provide residential Green-e certified Tradable Renewable Certificates (TRCs), or Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in New York:

Power Score Card rates these:

a. Community Energy

b. NativeEnergy

c. Renewable Choice Energy American Wind

d. Sterling Planet Green America

Green Energy Options for Central Hudson Customers

What can local families do?

Purchase Green Energy Electricity

1. Currently, for Central Hudson customers the only option is Energetix. You can purchase 50%, or 100% clean energy.

2. Another option may be coming soon. Econnergy says that a program for Central Hudson customers is on the table with the Public Service Commission and they have to wait for review, before they can make it available to consumers.

3. For the choices we have, what do the Environmental Disclosure Statements show? See:

How to switch energy providers:

Because NYS deregulated the power utilities, the Energy Choice program allows customers to choose their electricity supplier. Central Hudson will still deliver the electricity and is still responsible for making repairs and you will still receive a bill from Central Hudson for your electricity.


1. Call Central Hudson at Customer Choice and EnergySwitch programs Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (866) 763-8593. Ask to switch to Energetix. You will then receive a packet from Energetix, which will have forms for you to fill out and you can specify whether you wish to purchase 50% clean energy or 100% clean energy.

They are currently offering a promotion of 7% savings over the 1st two months. They charge $0.12 per KW for regular energy with an additional charge of $0.007/KW for 50% clean and $0.015 for 100% clean.

Central Hudson’s current rates are comparable.

Phone numbers:


NYS Public Service Commission—1800-342-3377

Central Hudson—1-877-444-2443

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