Sunday, August 13, 2006

Great Falls

As we got closer to Great Falls, we started to see pines on the hills and mountains on the horizon. We past the Judith Range and the Big Snowy Mountains.

The KOA here is the nicest we’ve ever seen, so we’re so pleased with our decision to come here a day early. The temperatures are in the low 80s, refreshing after the 100 degrees weather we had in North Dakota. There’s a water park in the campground and the kids just want to play in it all day. There’s not much to see here beside the falls, and we can do that tomorrow on the way out, so a day spent relaxing at a pool sounds ideal. I let them have ice cream for lunch and I packed just nuts and cherries for myself. We’re not that hungry after having a big breakfast at the camp kitchen. Chloe and Conor had pancakes with homemade chokecherry syrup. We have a choke cherry tree on our campsite, right above the water spicket.

Tomorrow we’re off to St. Mary, the eastern entrance to Glacier Park. We’re going despite the ongoing forest fire. The local paper here today says that it’s 75% contained. I called the ranger station and the ranger I spoke to said that the air quality should be OK, depending on the winds and that they generally blow in an easterly direction—away from St. Mary’s. He also assured me that we should have no trouble seeing most of the things that we want to see.

Conor just walked over with a little girl and said, this day is the most fun I’ve ever had. Then he introduced me to the girl and quickly left to finish his game of tag.

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